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  • Democratizing immersive 3D

    The creation of 3D worlds is no longer bound to complicated desktop applications.

    • Your Device.

      ngine runs on mobile devices, web, desktop and games consoles with full development capabilities on every platform.

    • Easy to use.

      ngine overhauls the traditional game creation experience, allowing anyone to create rich 3D scenes, visualizations, and interactive content for industries such as Architectural Visualization, Training Applications, Deep Learning Training and Education.

    • No coding required.

      ngine ships with a first-class visual scripting solution, facilitating the rapid iteration and prototyping of projects without needing prior programming knowledge.

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  • Not just games.

    ngine was designed with the goal of bringing easy to create 3D scenes to new industries.

    • panorama


      Photoshop excels at 2D, and ngine is what will excel at 3D for the design of 3D environments intended for marketing, production and hobby use.

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      Architectural Visualization

      Whether you are at your desk drafting up a new floor plan or right on premises, ngine gives you the tools to create and visualize your creations on the device of your choice.

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      Cinematics and TV

      ngine's cinematic pipeline is built to scale from at home scene creation to full scene projection on-set.

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      Engineered to run on low-cost and low-power devices, our vision is to bring ngine's real-time technology to the educational space in order to unleash students creativity.

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  • 3D revisited.

    ngine was built from the ground up with the shortcomings of the competition in mind.

    • Reenvisioned user experience

      Leaving no stone unturned, ngine overhauls the game development experience from the ground up for the new generations of mobile, AR and VR platforms.

    • Develop anywhere.

      Traditionally only possible on Windows, ngine extends far beyond the competition with an integrated development experience that works on any device. Live develop on mobile, VR, AR, PC and consoles without any waiting or build time.

    • What you see is what you get, always.

      Built to stream in resources in the background, ngine never leaves the user to wait. Any change made can immediately be previewed and simulated in the 3D environment.

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Natural growth.

We have grand dreams of bringing real-time games technology to a wide array of industries, starting with gaming and architectural visualization.

  • 1. App Soft Launch

    Our first and primary goal is to release the first version of ngine on iPadOS, iOS, MacOS and Windows to the public, focusing on hobby users while we build up the technology.

  • 2. Architectural Visualization

    We aim to start with a focus on the architectural visualization industry, betting on simple and intuitive creation of scenes that can be previewed on any device. Added Cloud functionality will allow any device to calculate movie quality lighting at any time.

  • 3. Games

    The creation of games will push the engine's capabilities of design and the programmer-free logic graph while promoting a userbase that we can latch on to.

  • 4. Cinematics

    Becoming a soft focus after the initial app launch and target of the first major update - providing the tools for cinematics creation and recording will allow us to expand into Film, Television and Broadcasting long term.

  • 5. Training & Simulation

    Building on games technology, we aim to provide a platform where VR, AR, mobile devices, and desktops can be used to build training programs for medical, military, and other industries.

  • 6. Deep Learning Training

    Using dynamic environments with dynamically changing weather, time of day and more, ngine can supercharge the training of AI by ensuring they can be tested in a hugely varied number of environments at the touch of a button.

  • 7. Automotive and UI

    With a later focus on automotive HMD creation, we aim to provide a solution for the intuitive creation of consumer-oriented 2D and 3D user interfaces.

  • 8. Education

    Leveraging the ease of use in creating games with ngine, educational programs can utilize ngine to visualize and teach complex subjects such as vector math, gravitational forces and more.

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